Sad Flower Songs
LD's debut album, produced by Scott Matalon/Metropolitan Pictures, Boston, MA. Cover and CD art by Christopher J. Watson, photos by Chris Williams and former LD member Futurist Tarquinius. Copyright 2006.

"Take Fiona Apple's feminine angst, mix it with some early Nine Inch Nails and add a good dose of Sisters of Mercy's broodingly danceable darkwave and you have Lucretia's Daggers new album Sad Flower Songs."
- Leah Callahan, reviewer,
Boston's Noise Magazine

Sky So Grey
Initiated by Mathew Fuller (Seven Sunless Days), and produced by John DeGregorio (Amber Spyglass), the SSG comp features 14 electronic/industrial/ambient Boston-area bands/artists, including LD’s single "Tragedy," track 8. Limited print. Copyright 2008 by Decorative Records. Released in 2009.

Artists on SSG
Amber Spyglass, Sharon Crumrine, Dreamchild, Lucretia's Daggers, Melt, Mark McGettrick, The Milling Gowns, Aepril Schaile and the Judgement, Seven Sunless Days, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Thylacine, Twelth of Never, Ultra Plush, What Time is it Mr. Fox? 

"...a formidable compilation indeed which despite monstrous variety somehow establishes sufficient common themes to make it have more reason to exist that simply show how healthy the Boston scene evidently is. That is a very hard thing to do."
- Mick Mercer, March 2, 2009

Infectious Unease Radio Compilation

A special edition to celebrate the release of the first Infectious Unease Radio Compilation (Volume 1), a huge 4xCD set containing the work of 62 bands from around the world from Melbourne, Austrailia's "Dark Stereo" radio. Lucretia's Daggers' song "Hate" is track 13 on Disc One.

Industrial Underground Volume I
Quickstar Productions Presents: Industrial Underground Volume
17 Tracks by industrial artists. Lucretia's Daggers "New Army" is track 12.

Lucretia's Daggers EP

Featuring "Scapegoat," "Fallen Moon," "Drawn & Quartered," "Eb & Flo," and "Souler Coaster." Photos taken at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA. Produced by John DeGregorio. Copyright 2003, released 2004. No longer in print.

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