Past LD Shows Somerville Porchfest, 652 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA - 5-11-24 Dark Alternative Night with Delusive Relics, Robert Bushinsky, Midnight Psychic , Red Glare, The Raven, Worcester, MA - 5-4-24 Private Event: LD @ Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School, Methuen, MA - 5-6-24 Dark Electro Night with Rob Bushinksy, Red Glare, Neponset Monastery, Ralph's Diner & Rock Club, Worcester, MA - 2-24-24 Watertown Haunted Joyride with Dead Harrison, Watertown Commander's Mansion, Watertown, MA - 10-28-23 Dark Electro Night with Robert Bushinsky and Deftly Demolition (Deftly-D), Silhouette Cocktail Lounge, Allston, MA - 10-23-23 Bit Bar Salem, MA with Unfits (Misfits covers) and First Jason (Ari Lehman of Friday the 13th movie) - 10-7-23 Peace in Ukraine Rally, Park Street/Boston Common, Boston, MA - LD performed “New Army” and “End of Oil” - 9-30-23 Keene Music Fest, Lamson Street Stage, Keene, NH - 9-2-2023 Watertown Arts Market, Filippello Park, 191 Grove St., Watertown, MA - 8-19-23 Symphonix Labs' Gothic Metal Luau / Fog Wizard's CD release with Häxawald, The Innsmouth Look, Your Friends in Hell, and Red Ledger, Peabody VFW, Peabody, MA - 7-15-23 Porch Fest Somerville 2023, 652 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA  - 5-13-23  Dark Electro Night @ Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI with Lucretia's Daggers: 9pm; Rob Bushinsky: 8pm; A Fifth Column: 10pm; Starvation Wages: 11pm - 3-29-23 Dark Electro Night w/Rob Bushinsky, A Fifth Column, Starvation Wages, Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI - 3-29-23's Daggers, Richard Crowe, Auction-Mom, The Jungle, Union Square Somerville, MA - 2-26-23 "A Crash Course for the Ravers" with Brian Young featuring  Lucretia X. Machina (Lucretia's Daggers) & Jason Skulls (Dead Harrison) and both of Plague & Pestilence,   Somerville, MA - 2-11-23, 1-2pm Lucretia's Daggers 20th BANDiversary Spooky Halloween/2022 Debut Lineup with Horace Grimsby on guitar. Featuring special guests: hypnotic free-form freakout music makers Happy  the Clown, doom metal rockers Dead Harrison, and horror punk musical artists from NH: Lobotomobileand art by Prospero's     Paintings, with ONCE & The Rockwell Theater, Davis Square, Somerville, MA - 10-30-22 An Evening with: Sorrowseed, dzö-nga, Solemn Vision, Faces of Bayon, Ralph's Rock Diner, Worcester, MA - 10-16-21 Rock for Choice #2 / Debut of LD's EP "Thoughts & Prayers" featuring Jason Skulls on guitar, with Melt and Oziem, The Jungle, Somerville, MA - 9-20-19 Holiday Art Party with The Dromlins, Kaedon Gray, Dream Cycle, The New Out of the Blue Gallery & More, Allston, MA - 12-15-18 "Clownfest Halloween Show" with Driven Sane and Misfits Tribute Robot Clean, Once Lounge, Somerville, MA  - 10-31-18 LD Live on the air "On the Town with Mikey Dee", WMFO, Tufts University, with soundman Joel Simches and interviewer Phil Fleming - 4-4-18 "Punk as Fuck Holidays" with The Negans, Matalon, Jeff Royds (final show), PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA - 12-2-17 "Dark Rock Night" at Haunted Somerville with Blacksoul Seraphim, Art Farm, Somerville, MA - 10-28-17 "Lucretia's Daggers & Friends Re-Boot" with FrostofDoom/Allie Frost, Out of Blue Gallery, Cambridge, MA - 7-14-17 "A Dark Alt-Electro Halloween" with MC Gerg Anidem, DAve Crespo/WEMF, Ghost Painted Sky, Jack Romanov, and Mei Ohara, PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA - 10-30-15 Electronic Party with Everpresent and Mei Ohara, Middle East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 2-7-15 LD's "Public Transit" & Anderson Lynne Mar tribute video release party with Marcelo Carboni, Echo Weapon, Dead Harrison, [zeroNegative], Middle East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 7-3-14 All Souls Night with Sans Nomenclature, Gulu-Gulu Cafe, Salem, MA - 11-2-13 INDIE SCENE RADIO live streaming &  live in the chatroom, premiering music from Lucretia's Daggers and other Independent music from around the globe, The GERG SHOW  (, 6-8PM - 10-29-13 Dark Electronic Halloween with NOIR, Antidote for Annie, Requiem RedPA's Lounge, Somerville, MA - 10-25-13 Girls Rock Campaign Benefit & Social with Kitschenettes, Shepherdess & friends, Ginger Ibex, Apple  Betty, Weather Weapon, Atomic Savants, Radiomancers, Fur Purse, Johnny D's, Somerville, MA 8-12-13 LD debuts bassist Donni Darko, All Asia Bar, Cambridge, MA - 6-27-13 Electro-rock show with Anarchangel and The Evil Streaks, Radio, Somerville, MA - 11-15-12 School of Rock Halloween Rock Party, Watertown, MA - 10-26-12 LD 2012: The Apocalyptic Reboot, Rosebud Bar & Lounge, Somerville, MA - 9-1-12 Hear Now Live Presents: Hard Rock Summer Night, with Black Out Mafia, Estranged, Copperfield's, Boston, MA - 8-20-11 Dark Sky Productions Presents: with Ego Likeness, Liz Borden Band, Sans Nomenclature, Cantab Downstairs, Cambridge, MA - 7-30-11 LD live on Scorch's PFG-TV (taping) for 6/24 broadcast on Retro TV, Michael's Pub, Tyngsboro, MA - 6-14-11 Anderson Mar's Birthday Soiree, with Sans Nomenclature, Dirigible Ego, and AnarchAngel, The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 4-10-11 "Mass. Morgue 2010: Seventh Annual Dark Rock Halloween Event" with Sans Nomenclature, AnarchAngel, Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, and Electric Mummy; MC DJ Sterling Golden; circus acts by Pete Tino, The Human Floor; Tarot Readings by Renee Solano; vending of handmade jewelry and "Lucretia's Daggers" by Purple Dream Arts, Middle  East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 10-24-10 LD's Debut with guitarist Otto von Kinzel, with Happy the Clown, Evil Streaks, and Electric Mummy, PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA - 3-5-11 Sky Productions Presents: with Ego Likeness, The Ludovico Technique and Baliset, Cantab Downstairs, Cambridge, MA - 8-28-10 Dark Sky Productions Presents: with Electric Mummy, Mortuus Ortus, and Chemical Distance, Dodge Street Grill Salem, MA - 8-27-10 LD Guitarist Elucid Birthday Party with Happy the Clown, Streak, and TALL, PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA- 7-24-10 7th Anniversary of Laconia Motorcycle Week, with Chemical Distance and Mortuus Ortus, My Coffee Shop, Laconia, NH- 6-19-10 Anderson Mar Annual Birthday Bash with DJ Matthew Griffin, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Emmy Cerra, 1476, Sans Nomenclature, Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 4-11-10 "Mass. Morgue 2009: Sixth Annual Dark Rock Halloween Event" with Sans Nomenclature, Mortuus Ortus, The Milling Gowns, and Avariel; DJ Sterling Golden; Johara of Snake Dance Theater Company gothic bellydancing; circus acts by Pete Tino, The Human Floor; and vending of dark arts by Landon Richmond; Middle East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 11-1-09 "All Ages Dark Rock Industrial Show" with Streak, Liecraft, Strange Affection, Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA - 6-26-09 "Sky So Grey Boston dark music compilation CD Release Party/Residency" with MELT, Amber Spyglass, and Dreamchild, Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA - 5-23-09 Gravity, The Shadows Smile, Mortuus Ortus, Hero Folklore, Milly's Tavern, Manchester, NH - 3-28-09 "A Spooky New Year" with Melt, Gulu-ulu Cafe, Salem, MA - 1-3-09 Sky Productions Presents: "A Holiday Hangover Bash" with The I.Z.A. (The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse), Avariel, and Acrasjia, Dodge Street Grill, Salem MA - 12-26-08 Dark Sky Productions Presents: Bow Ever Down with Death of the Cool, Hardwired: Seppuku,and DJ Krstov, Great Scott, Allston MA - 11-23-08 "Mass. Morgue 2008: Fifth Annual Dark Rock Halloween Event" with DJ Silentperformance, gothic bellydancers Badriya and Karina Khan, Streak, The Shadows Smile, Eternal Embrace; vending by black & white horror artist Dan Moran & fantasy author Adrianne Brennan, Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA - 10-26-08 Uncle Eddie’s Oceanside Tavern, with MELT and Hemlok, Salisbury Beach, Salisbury, MA - 9-4-08 Dark Sky Productions Presents: ThouShaltNot, with The Shadows Smile, and AbSynthe, O’Brien’s Pub, Allston, MA - 8-2-08 Initial installment of visiting bands, Summer Camp, Paul Green School of Rock, Watertown, MA - 7-12-08 INFERNO with Dirge Carolers, gothic bellydancers Sanguine & Selcouth, DJs Jenova Complex & Re:Evolution, Club Hell, Providence, RI - 6-30-08 Dark Sky Productions Presents: Dark Women of Rock Night with Mankind is Obsolete and MELT. Church, Boston, MA - 5-22-08 Anderson Mar Annual Birthday Bash with DJ Matthew Griffin, MELT, and Flash in Blue, Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA - 4-10-08 "Mass. Morgue 2007: Fourth Annual Dark Rock Halloween Event" with DJ Krstov, gothic bellydancer Sanguine, Thylacine (covering various artists), Uncle Big Time (as vintage  Ministry); vending by Oubliette Studios and author AnneMarie Donahue: Murder in Braxton Hall, Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA - 10-28-07 "Nightmare at the RenFaire" Jerkus Circus - monthly night of comedy, cabaret, dance, and music. with The Steamy Bohemians, burlesque by the Babes in Boinkland, comedians: Erin Judge, Rev. Tim Mcintire, and Tom E. Morello; non-motivational Speaker Brian Longwell, Jason the Escape Artist. Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA - 10-5-07 Eye Witness and Love in October, Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA - 8-22-07 Blacksun Festival Kickoff Event/Ticket & Prize Giveaway - Blacksun Festival (3-day goth/industrial music event in New Haven, CT) Boston-area event. with Walter Sickert (solo), My Mercy, and DJ Othniel. All Asia Bar, Cambridge, MA - 8-3-07 "Live at The Basement" 101.7FM WFNX New England Product Concert Series, with Happy the Clown, Desolation Bells, and Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys at The Baseball Tavern, Boston, MA - 7-25-07 "Skybar All-Day Farewell Funeral", final show/club closing. 20 bands 12pm-1am, including: the Liz Borden Band, Avariel, Lily Holbrook, Dreamchild, Graveside Service. Skybar, Somerville, MA - 7-15-07 New fetish club night "Escape" & debut of LD’s new band lineup (Lucretia, Elucid, iodine, DrDK, and Ms. Spyglass) with Mistress Moonlight, House Dom. Madam Shy & her disciples, Go-go dancers, and DJ Joker at Max’s Hideaway, Brockton, MA - 7-1-07 Dark Rock Trilogy with Polaris and The Lights Out at Great Scott, Allston, MA - 1-28-07 Ambience, Toys, Daggers, & Pirates! with The Art of All, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, The Scallywags at Abbey Lounge (Main Stage), Somerville, MA - 1-9-07 "Mass. Morgue 2006: Third Annual Dark Rock Halloween Event" with DJ Michael Brown, Aepril Schaile bellydance, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Ultra Plush, Dreamchild, and Psylab at Skybar, Somerville, MA - 10-29-06 LD Sad Flower Songs CD Release Party / Anderson Mar "Save My House" Benefit, with The Leon Rich Band, Pure Fiction, MELT, and Silencio at The Skybar, Somerville, MA - 5-13-06 "Annual Pisces Performance Party" with What Time is it Mr. Fox?, Dorian James, Badriya the Bellydancer, and DJs Harbinger and Deliciti (private event), Watertown, MA - 3-4-06 The Ominous Collective’s first anniversary show: "The Unofficial Paranoiac-Critical Science Fair" with What Time is it, Mr. Fox?, New Remorse, Specimen 37, Seven Sunless Days, Optic Rose, Thylacine, Badriya the Bellydancer; poet Ed Carvalho, and MC Jutta at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA -  2-9-06 Mass. Morgue 2005: Second Annual Dark Rock Halloween Event" with DJ Deftly-D, Badriya the Bellydancer, What Time is it, Mr. Fox?, The Glass Set, Seven Sunless Days, Lilac Ambush, and HUMANWINE, at The Skybar, Somerville, MA - 10-30-05 Ominous Collective presents: "The Really Big Ominous Collective Party: ‘1984’" with Illegitimate Theatre Company, and The Glass Set, with DJs Purp and Matthew Griffin (private event) Watertown, MA - 6-11-05 Played semi-finals round in the International Emergenza Music Festival Competition, at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA - 5-22-05 Won first round in the International Emergenza Music Festival competition (with Daisycutter and Ginsko Method), at Middle East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - 3-18-05; advancing to semi-finals Ominous Collective presents "Kabarett 16-Bit II: 60 Cycle Buzz" with Amber Spyglass, Thylacine, Robotzen, Ultra Plush, Seven Sunless Days, Zero Gravity; Badriya the Bellydancer; Illegitimate Theatre Company; poet Ed Carvalho; MC Jutta, at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA - 2-12-05 The BLUE (State) PARTY! Post-Inaugural Political Art Event with Reagan Babies, HUMANWINE. Visual Art: Dave Tree, Markus Nechay. DJs: Laqluster, the J.O.E., Speidi. Other Performances: Jesus Christ, Terrorist, RESISTDANCE. Film/Videos: Heidi Kayser, Christian Miller, at AXIOM Gallery, Allston, MA - 1-22-05 Lucretia's Daggers  self-titled 5-track EP debut with Thylacine and HUMANWINE, O’Brien’s Pub, Allston, MA - 11-16-04 "Mass. Morgue 2004: Local Dark Rock Halloween Event" with Nau-Zee-auN/DJ Deftly-D, Maryellen/Severed Limbs, RobotZen, Lilac Ambush, and Amber Spyglass, The Skybar, Somerville, MA - 10-31-04 New England Pagan Pride Day, Harold Parker State Forest, North Andover, MA - 9-19-04 "Paradise Lost" performance/art party with Thylacine, RobotZen, Rob Byrd (guitar) & Kris Thompson (theramin), DJs Lost Boy and Madame Bovary; Art by Ximon and Vox Ominous (private event), Watertown, MA - 6-12-04 "Dark Sky" (monthly dark alternative band/art event) Local-A-Bloomin’ Dark Rock: 3 Great Bands/1 Big Night, with One of Us and FLUTTR Effect, at The Skybar, Somerville, MA - 5-20-04 "Oh My Goth" Le Cabaret des Enfants Terribles with Leah Callahan, Dreamchild, Amber Spyglass, Ultra Plush, at P.A.’s Lounge, Somerville, MA - 4-24-04 "Miss Gothic Massachusetts Contest" Talent Portion: Lucretia performed "Fallen Moon", at ManRay Club, Cambridge, MA - 3-5-04 "Annual Pisces Performance Party" with RobotZen, Jason Cohen of Incus, Thylacine, and Garabed the Sword Bellydancer; Art by Marc Coderre (private event), Watertown, MA - 2-28-04 "Dark Sky" Goth Valentine’s Night with RobotZen, Jason Cohen of Incus, and Thylacine, at The Skybar, Somerville, MA - 2-12-04 "Freak Out After Midnight" (F.O.A.M): Age of Aquarius, (Lucretia and Darrell Brown), at Tremont Tea Room, Boston, MA - 2-7-04 Ominous Collective in "Kabarett 16-Bit" with Amber Spyglass, Seven Sunless Days, Zero Gravity, Ultra Plush, Badriya the Bellydancer, Thylacine, RobotZen, and MC Jutta at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA - 2-6-04 RobotZen and Amber Spyglass, Jacques Underground, Boston, MA - 12-13-03 RobotZen and Ultra Plush, The Skybar, Somerville, MA - 11-25-03 "Freak Out After Midnight" (F.O.A.M.), Tremont Tea Room, Boston, MA - 11-14-03 "Everyday is Halloween" Performance with RobotZen, Amber Spyglass and DJ Aries (private event), Watertown, MA - 11-1-03 "Burning Man Decompression" Event, Redtail Collective (private event) Boston, MA - 10-18-03 Official Club Debut & 5-Song Demo CD Release Party, with Amber Spyglass, RobotZen and Turkish Queen, at O’Brien’s Pub, Allston, MA - 9-7-03 Black Hole Sun BBQ Performance Bash" with Boys Suck, Sophia Cacciola, RobotZen and DJ Aries(private event) Watertown, MA - 7-12-03 Bristol Studios’ Showcase Performance, Bristol Studios, Boston, MA - 6-30-03"Whimsy" monthly open mic, at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA - 2-13-03 & 6-17-03 Koschara’s "Edge-Lit Boston" Photo Exhibit, (Lucretia and Darrell Brown), Cambridgeside Galleria, Borders Bookstore Café, Cambridge, MA - 6-8-03 “U-Turn Competition”, Tremont Tea Room, Boston, MA - 5-2-03 (2nd Place) & 6-6-03 (1st Place) "Beltane Blast & Fashion Show," Tremont Tea Room, Boston, MA - 5-3-03 "Tremont Tea Room Fundraiser Ritual," (Lucretia and Darrell Brown), Tremont Tea Room, Boston, MA - 3-20-03 "Annual Pisces Performance Party" with Caera Aislingeach and DJ Aries (private event) Watertown, MA - 3-1-03 "Miss Gothic Massachusetts Contest" Talent portion: "Scapegoat" (Lucretia with Darrell Brown), at ManRay Club, Cambridge, MA - 1-24-03