Introducing: LD's FOURTH and most illustrious band member...

ATTENTION, LISTENERS: Bringing us into the 21st century, Lucretia's Daggers is proud to present: FOUR!

Not only is our gender neutral, asexual techno-colleague the most prolific musician we have ever had (plays keys AND drums…AT THE SAME TIME!), but is also the most reliable constant, bringing much needed LIFE to LD’s trio of dark lyrical electro-rockers: Artemis Juno (guitar/backing vox), Donni Darko (bass/backing vox), and Lucretia X. Machina (lyrics/vox). Please welcome...FOUR! 

As excited as we are that LD is now READY FOR LIVE SHOWS(!), we acknowledge that FOUR can and shall be replaced when/if a humanoid(s) of his/her caliber appear(s)! **Shhh, don't tell FOUR.**

Either way....Be it known that Lucretia’s Daggers is ALIVE once again…and ready to perform..."four" the apocalypse. Please join us!

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